Design mirror with infrared heating

A mirror with heating is a fantastic technique that is often found in bathrooms. This technique uses heat radiation in the form of infrared. This sophisticated mirror heating system is besides the bathroom also very attractive in other parts of the house. How about a design mirror heating on the living room wall? Or on the wall of the reception hall. There will be no more icy drafts coming from the hall and you will be greeted warmly when you come home. The infrared mirror with heating is available with or without a frame. A sleek design on the wall.

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The mirror surface is lightly chrome plated, creating a beautiful reflection. You can also add economical LED lighting. One device that provides both heating and lighting. Benefit directly from the pleasant and healthy infrared heat. The infrared heater works very sustainably, efficiently converting energy into infrared heat. You not only enjoy wonderful warmth, but also energy-efficient heat. The mirror with heating works on electricity and is easy to install.

Bathroom mirror with heating

In the bathroom, a mirror with heater is actually a must. A mirror heater is easy to install in the bathroom due to its slim shape of 2 cm. The panel can be hung in the place of the existing mirror. You can mount the mirror heater either horizontally or vertically. A mirror infrared panel is available in different sizes and capacities, so there is always a model suitable for your bathroom. The mirror surface of the heating panel is slightly chromed which gives a nice effect. The surface is made of tempered safety glass. A major advantage of a bathroom mirror with heating is that it does not fog up after showering. The vapor from a hot shower or bath normally fogs up bathroom mirrors. But with an infrared mirror heating you no longer have this problem. Because the mirror surface is warmer you no longer have any problems with a fogged up mirror in the bathroom. As soon as you get out of the shower, you can admire yourself without first drying the mirror. Only for this reason is a bathroom mirror with heating ideal, in addition to the fact that the heat is very comfortable and healthy.

No more fungi with mirror heating

. Mold grows easily in the bathroom because it is a wet environment. In a dry environment, mold can develop slowly or not at all. Mold thrives in environments with humidity above 60%. With an infrared mirror heater in the bathroom, you achieve the ideal humidity balance of 40 to 60 percent. Infrared panels directly heat the objects in the room. This differs from how a convection heater works, which heats the air and circulates it through the room. Infrared rays heat the walls, floor and bathroom fixtures, which retain the heat and reflect it back into the room. The walls stay warm and dry, preventing mold formation in the bathroom. Besides looking dirty and not pretty, mold stains on the walls are also harmful to our health. Mold spores aggravate allergic reactions and damage our airways. One of the most common complaints is shortness of breath and coughing.

Dry towels and a mirror panel

. With infrared heating you can do anything in the bathroom. Besides a mirror panel that is only 2 cm thick, you can also choose a towel dryer. This is a two in one device, namely an infrared panel with towel dryer. Always a warm bathroom and dry towels that also feel wonderfully warm. In the bathroom, we regularly encounter a mirror with heater and an infrared towel dryer. The dual-zone infrared panel is divided into two zones. The upper part is the heating zone, where the temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius. The lower part is equipped with a towel drying function. On this part you can place 2 or 3 towel brackets. This can be done beforehand, but also later. This is because on the back of the panel are already four holes prepared, where you can attach the towel brackets. You can choose from stainless steel or chrome brackets in various models. The maximum temperature in the room where the towels hang is 70 degrees Celsius. A convenient infrared mirror panel with towel brackets fits every bathroom style. This is because you can choose the color of the surface. From black to white and red to blue. It is even possible to print a nice photo on it.

Safe heating for small bathroom

Because of the slim model infrared panels are very suitable to apply in small spaces. Do you not have much room in the bathroom? Then you can also opt for a ceiling heater. The advantage of a ceiling heater is that it also makes the floor wonderfully warm. Because the rays come from above and touch the floor, it warms up pleasantly. Just like an underfloor heating, which you no longer need with a ceiling panel. Connect a nice LED lighting to the heat panel and you benefit from energy efficient heat and light. You only need 1 connection point for this, very convenient. All bathroom infrared panels are also splashproof thanks to the IP44 class. This means that you can use them safely in a humid environment. Heat your bathroom with infrared and enjoy all the benefits. Combine the mirror with heater with a ceiling heater with lighting or a towel dryer. Always a warm bathroom, no more fogged up mirror after showering and dry towels.

Source: Infrarood Verwarming

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