A Guide to Italy

If you are planning a trip to Europe, consider Italy. With its long Mediterranean coastline and rich culture, it has made a powerful impact on Western culture. The capital city of Rome is home to the Vatican, landmark art and ancient ruins. Renaissance masterpieces are to be found in Florence and Venice. The fashion capital of Milan is a must-see for any fashionista. A vacation to Italy will not disappoint. Once you’ve been there, you’ll want to come back again!


The Italian government is parliamentary. The Italian parliament is bicameral, based on a mixed-voting system. It meets in the Palazzo Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama in Rome. The prime minister, known as the President of the Council of Ministers, must pass a vote of confidence from the Italian Parliament in order to become prime minister. After the Prime Minister passes a confidence vote, he is then appointed to lead the country. The government is elected by the Chamber of Deputies, and is dominated by the Senate.

The Italians are also passionate about cycling, and have a large industry for making bicycles. The Northern region of Italy is home to the country’s bicycle manufacturing industry. The country offers unique riding styles and cultural specialties. There are numerous companies offering cycling tours in Italy. These tours can be self-guided or guided. They can also be destination tours, where cyclists spend two or three days at one location. There are cycling routes for cyclists of all skill levels.

The Italian military is directly responsible for protecting key locations and landmarks in the cities. These individuals are not policemen. If you are arrested, they will call the actual police. It is illegal for Italian police to collect fines or demand money. If you’re stopped by an Italian military officer, do not panic. They are only acting as a deterrent. The Italians are used to the idea of police officers, so be careful if you run into one.

In the north, small independent city-states were under the authority of the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1176, the northern Italians revolted against Frederick Barbarossa and beat the Imperial army at Legnano. This was the beginning of the Italian Renaissance. This region was populated by maritime republics, which competed with one another for lucrative trade routes. If you visit Italy, make sure you enjoy every moment of the trip. You’ll be glad you did.

The Italian population is approximately 59 million. This makes it the 24th most populous country in the world. Despite being so populated, Italy still has a relatively low density. Compared to other countries, Italy is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. In terms of urban areas, the population is 510 people per square mile. In addition, cities like Rome and Milan are popular for their architecture. The city center, meanwhile, is known for its art.

While Italy is a nation with a unique history, it is also a country that has many similarities to other countries. In a few ways, it is more like a country than a country. Its history is influenced by various cultural influences, and many people are attracted to its beauty. The capital city of the country is the city of Milan. Besides, it is the city of Florence that is the most famous in the world.

The Italian climate is diverse. Most of the country’s climate is Mediterranean, but it varies across the country. Most of Italy has hot, dry summers. July is the hottest month in Italy. The autumns are rainy, while winters are mild. Although summers are warm, the country’s winters are cold. The Alps have the coldest climate in Europe. This means that Italians can enjoy the same temperature as Europeans.

The country is a beautiful country with a rich history. It borders France and Switzerland in the north and Slovenia in the south. The country has many different languages. The native language is Italian, but there are also many dialects that are spoken in the country. The language of the country is Milanese. Those who are Italian are known as “Italian” in the country. There are numerous bars in Italy that are popular with foreign tourists. A trip to Italy is not complete without a visit to the Alps.

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